Choose best phone holder for your motorcycle and ride safe

We are in the era now where it has become impossible to live without cell phones. Cell phones has occupied much important place in our life as everyone got addicted to it. It is said nowadays like everyone can live without food for a day but can’t live without cell phones for a second. As we take our phones everywhere so it’s obvious that we take it while biking. So Motorcycle phone holder comes in picture. In order to take much use of the phone while biking you need a phone holder for motorcycle. There are many advantages in getting a motorcycle cell phone mount:-

  • You are able to answer your phone quickly when it rings without stopping your motorcycle.
  • For Android or iPhone users, will be able to check the cycling apps.
  • It adds to the comfort in avoiding keeping bulging phone in your pocket.
  • Having the phone mounted, it also adds to your safety. It reduces the temptation of taking off the hands and using the phone.

Many different types of motorcycle phone mount are available online. You will see here the best 5 phone mount for motorcycle.

It is a superb motorcycle phone holder which is much liked by everyone. This product is very easy to use as it is a superb item. Your phone gets quickly and easily mounted and unmounted from this holder. You can get this for good price in black or red color from amazon. This cell phone holder for motorcycle uses spring loaded grip to get a hold of different smartphones like Samsung galaxy and iPhone 6 plus. Any device with a screen size of 5.5 inches can be kept on this holder.

motorcycle phone mount

It includes rubber shims for customizing the adjustment on handlebars. The U-grip plus at the back allows 360 degrees rotation for your phone. You can tilt it to any angle and it also includes silicone bands which help to secure your phone to the holder. All motorcycle handlebars which are up to 1.5 inches in diameter, this phone holder perfectly fits.


  • GreatShield Clip-Grip Handlebar Motorcycle phone holder: –

For toughness quality, this motorcycle handlebar mount is best. It is available in many designs and different colors. It works great and is also easy to clean. You can get this stylish motorcycle mount from amazon for best price. It is a budget friendly phone mount for securing your GPS device in addition to phone.  This motorcycle phone mounts all the larger size smartphones.

motorcycle cell phone mount

Its compact design can hold up to any device with a screen size up to 3.5 inches wide. The mount is built with such a quality that it can even withstand the warmest sun. You can set up your phone horizontally or vertically as this holder rotates for up to 360 degrees. Handlebars which measure up to 1 inch in diameter, this holder clamps perfectly on to it.


For your any cell phone, GPS or MP3 player, this techgripper is secure and attractive motorcycle cell phone holder. Gripping power is so high which enables you to mount all smartphone models while even in their case. It is heat resistant and also water and UV proof for your phone.

motorcycle phone holder

The holder utilizes a spring mechanism and is molded using a resin called DuPont delrin acetel. It is designed in a lightweight manner, better looking and more durable. It is the expensive handlebar phone mount as you can avail it from amazon for great price. You can avail it in any of the 16 different colors available. It offers a lifetime warranty. The Techgripper is the right choice for the ultimate protection for your any device.


Find best waterproof phone holder which help you to ride in the rain

  1. Koomus Go 2 Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder –

Before they get out of stock get home this motorcycle smartphone mount. You can get this in black color for any model of smartphone. It is available online for best price at amazon. This product works well and it’s easy to install. It is super convenient as well as it offers effectiveness for many years.  It is made out of good quality materials making it water and UV proof, heat resistant. It gets clamped easily and can be rotated for up to 360 degrees.

motorcycle cell phone holder

You can also tilt it to any angle you need and can view in portrait or landscape form. The new holding mechanism is better as it doesn’t require different size clips. A strong gear force in the middle and around each corner provides maximum security to the device. This motorcycle handlebar mount holds to the handlebar which is about 1.5 inches in diameter perfectly without any adjustment.


  1. Foxnov Texture Series Handlebar Cell Phone Holder: –

It is an innovative, compact and convenient cell phone holder for motorcycle. It is excellent in function looking stylish. On all smartphone models, it allows easy operation because of clear and highly sensitive PVC window. While on the go, you can enjoy your music world with cutout for headphone and headphone extension cable.

phone holder for motorcycle

For quick release and installation, it uses three Velcro straps to attach to the handlebar. It also has reflective side and top piping better for night riding safety. It is available for very cheap price on amazon. It is a useful product that can handle any type of damage by keeping the phone secure.


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While selecting any handlebar phone mount, you should keep in mind some of the considerations which are as follows:-

  • You want your phone to be protected when it rains or snows. In order to keep them safe, buy a phone mount which is waterproof.
  • All the phone mount materials should be durable and sturdy. Your phone must be secure in the mount without moving around, slipping or breaking.
  • Most importantly it should be universal and versatile, ready to fit any phone model.
  • Moving or turning parts should be minimal as more parts that move has the more probability to break.
  • The mount should be easily and quickly attachable or detachable.
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