Best 5 magnetic phone holders to buy

The most difficult thing is to simultaneously drive a car and keeping an eye on your phone or using it. Magnetic cell phone holder in your vehicle are best for holding your phone, as you don’t want it in any cup holder beside you. Magnetic car mount is useful as you may be able to keep the phone adjacent to you. In order to use navigation or for listening to music or for communication, magnetic phone mount is the best option. While holding your phone, these mounts also make the charging option available and are easily adjustable.

magnetic car phone holder

It can fit anywhere in your vehicle. Magnetic car phone mount is small and easy to carry anywhere. On long road trips you can also watch movies making your journey get accomplished easily. It will be useful for watching any videos or playing games when you are on board or taking any train ride. Car holders also come with portable or landscape rotation option which adds it to a benefit in using your phone.

Classification based on mounting position:-

Magnetic phone holder for car is available in wide range depending upon the mounting positions in your vehicle:-

  • Dashboard and windscreen mount: – Designed using suction, these car holders hold on to flat surfaces. These are the common type and mostly used as they work well.
  • Air vent mount: – Each and every vehicle contains vents in many different forms, so this can be a good alternative. A correct mounting place avoids obstruction for viewing of the road or operating your controls.
  • CD slot mount: – Vehicles where dashboard or vent mount doesn’t fit, CD slot mount can be a better option. Preventing from listening to music in your CD player or without damaging it, this mount attaches to your cars CD slot.

Different types of magnetic phone holders:-

Many types of magnetic car phone mount are available making it difficult to choose for different car models. Here we will see five magnetic phone holders to buy which are best.

  • TechMatte Magnetic Phone Holder : –

 It is one of the advanced CD slot magnetic car phone holder which makes it well suited for use for different smart phones like Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and iPhone. It gives a good option for selecting, because of its easy installation and use. It gets easily fit in the CD player slot of Mercedes, BMW, and Honda cars which are used in cities like Australia, Malaysia, Canada and Singapore.

magnetic cell phone mount

The phones stability is secured and maintained even on rough terrains because of the strong magnetic fields which it produces. A magnetic mount is easy for insertion, removal and re-positioning. Without blocking your road view and usage of CD player, it keeps your phone at correct position. Designed in a cradle-less manner, it minimizes damage to phone while in use.

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  • Wiz Magnetic Cell Phone Holder: –

A universal magnetic phone mount which fits on dashboard or air vent of your Maruti or Hyundai is available from WizGear. It is produced and designed for different smart phones like Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and various iPhones.

magnetic car phone mount

A rotatory, easy to install and use, with a strong magnetic properties is available for cheap price. It is affordable, durable which fits and secures phones of several sizes. While driving your car in any of the city like India, Dubai, or Malaysia, it doesn’t obstruct your vision.

  • Mpow Magnetic Phone Mount : –

An air vent magnetic phone mount compatible for any type of smart phone can be accessed at low price. Its cradle less design keeps the phone safe with its cases. Easy to use and install, it attracts and secures small as well as big smart phones.

magnetic phone car mount

A durable, non-marring and simple design makes it perfect to fit in any Honda, Hyundai, or Mercedes car model. With its strong magnetic properties and available at an affordable price, this car mount gets list up in one of the best magnetic cell phone holders.

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  • Magnetos Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount: –

A universal CD mount phone holder is compatible for any type of vehicle. Available for low price, it is easy to use, cradle less without any sticky pad required. It has extra strong magnetic attraction because of its inserted plate which is super thin made of steel.

mobile phone magnetic holder

Any type of smart phone like Nokia, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone can easily fit into this type of car mount provided by Koomus. It’s easy quick snap system and swiveling head feature ranks it among one of the best magnetic car mount.

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  • Spigen Magnetic Car Phone Holder : –

Magnetic air vent mount produced by Spigen is available for very low price. If you are driving any vehicle of BMW, Hyundai, Honda or Maruti model be it in Australia, India, Dubai or Canada, just this is perfect. The phones safety is achieved by keeping it in, because of its strong magnetic attraction.

magnetic car holder

The compact size of the holder makes it compatible for any type of Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone 4S or 5S smart phones. It is durable, has dual metal plates and has quad neodymium core. For your easy viewing, its head can rotate for up to 360 degree.

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Why you should get car phone holder: –

  1. First and most important thing is prevention of car accidents by usage of magnetic car mounts.
  2. By using phone holder, you can do any type of conversation by easily putting up your phone on speaker.
  3. You can see the message sender easily and also can choose between to answer the call or not.
  4. Before selecting a good car mount for any smart phone, you should see to it that it should be able to attach securely.
  5. It makes an easy viewing of your phone without blocking your front view. While changing phone angle and its orientation, it should hold the phone tightly.
  6. A good car mount should also fit any size of smart phone and it should be easily inserted or removed.

In a moving vehicle cell phones can be easily accessed by using car mounts. Without getting distracted on the road, any type of phone holder allows you for easy access to the music or any conversation. It also gives the advantage of using cell phones as GPS because of its similar mounting position to that of built-in GPS system. Some magnetic phone mount also gets adjusted into a travel stand.  So before buying any car phone holder or Tablet car mount see the type of mount which will be suitable for your car and also buy according to your phone size.