Heavy Duty Car Mount Holder for Cell Phone

Without a cell phone, it is hard to imagine life even for a second. You can do lot of things with phone like browse the internet, take pictures, send emails, play music and most important is you can do communication. A cell phone besides its much usefulness, it can also be a source of accidents while driving. In order to make use of the cell phone while driving, manufacturers offer heavy duty cell phone holders that can be installed in the car.

heavy duty cell phone car mount

A heavy duty tablet mount secures the device in a fixed location. Some of the cell phone mounts also function as a cell phone charger.

heavy duty phone mount

The mounts are labeled as active or passive based upon design.

Universal and specific cell phone holders are two basic types of cell phone holders. Heavy duty car phone holder like dewalt dg5126 heavy duty cell phone holder has been manufactured to stand up the day to day challenge you face.

Manufacturers use special material in making of heavy duty phone material like tough ballistic or cordura nylon.

One of the perfect heavy duty cell phone holder, quality invent is available at amazon.com. It’s a new secret of safety while driving and also gives piece of mind. It holds the smartphones safely providing you to operate and view conveniently. This heavy duty car phone holder is a universal holder suitable for all smartphone models.

heavy duty cell phone holder

It has large suction pad and integrated with rotating knob keeps your phone protected and safe. Area which is smooth and flat enough like windshield and dashboard is suitable for keeping this holder for with the help of a suction cup. Holder has the ability to withstand hot temperature and cold weather as it is made of anti- hot temperature materials.


Use this tablet/phone mount as Windshield phone holder or install it on the dashboard of your car for safe and enjoyable driving.

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