Phone Holder And Purse

Enjoy Easy Holding of Your Smart Phones With Phone Holder And Purse

Today, it is very difficult to spot an individual without a cell phone. This device has become more important in every one’s life due to the ease of communication facility it offers. Smart Phones are really a costly investment and so, it should be carried out safely and securely. You can ensure this with a two-in-one phone holder and purse.

Phone Holder And Purse

There are varieties of products to choose from and it could even be more difficult to narrow down the options available. However, by taking various factors into consideration such as its compatibility, material, quality, your usage habit, preferences and budget, you can make a well informed decision.

cell phone holder purse

Having a cell phone holder purse has become a style statement these days and this resulted in growing demands for these items among smart phone users. In order to meet the demand, many manufacturers have entered into the industry and have been creating mobile phone holders with different features and specifications. To make the selection process easier for you, we have listed some of the best phone holder purse and bags for you.

Do you need a single pouch or bag to store all your essentials and carry them along with you? Then why don’t you consider purchasing Universal Cross-body large cell phone case? This purse with phone holder fits everything such as phone, wallet, keys, etc. into your pocket without any hassle.

purse with phone holder

You will find a strap attached to it for ensuring convenience use. It comes with snap on button closure which is convenient to be used. Universal has been providing this pouch in more than 35 colors to choose from. Simply this purse with phone holder can be called as a multipurpose bag with adorable design and peculiar soft material.

cell phone holder for purse

  • It comes with 2 separate pouches that let you to store all your stuffs in an organized manner.
  • The stylish design seems to be more remarkable while the color options are really eye catching.
  • The strap of this cell phone holder for purse will be of 120 cm in length making it perfect to be worn across your body.


If you have realized the importance of carrying your expensive smart phone in a cute and compact pouch, then you can Dteck(TM) Multipurpose Convenient Separated Pouches Bag that comes with exclusive features and specifications. Whether you are out for shopping, dating or walking, you can carry this phone holder and purse along with you to have your expensive smartphone close with you.

cell phone holder for purse

It is made with high quality PU leather which is known for its elegance and durability. This purse features a lock button closure that makes it easier for opening and closing the pouch.

phone holder and purse

  • Two separate pouches come with this iphone holder purse – one for storing your mobile phone and another for your pocket money, cards and keys.
  • It also has a safe zipper compartment for storing cash and cards.
  • Soft fabric is used on its inner side that protects your device from scratches, dirt and daily damages.
  • This clutch purse phone holder is slim, light weight, compact and convenient for carrying cell phone with minimum stuffs.


This phone holder and purse from Dteck is highly fashionable, durable and lightweight that lets you to carry it along with your without any hassle. As it is made with durable materials, your cell phone and electric devices will be kept safe and protected. These bags are designed to last longer and so, you need not have to replace it very often. The cell phone holder purse strap includes carbineer through which it is attached to the pouch.

cell phone holder purse strap

  • It has an impressive zipper pocket ideal for carrying credit cards, money, key and even more.
  • This multi-functional pouch is made with high quality soft material to prevent your phone from scratches and damages.
  • The exterior is made with faux leather whereas inner lining comes with elegant microfiber.
  • This iphone 5 purse holder is available in more than 20 colors to choose from.


If you are looking very stylish phone holder which can add beauty then check High Heel Shoe Phone Holder


If you are tired of carrying your cell phone in your hand for prolonged hours, then you may really need this cell phone holder purse from Angellswin brand. This multipurpose bag includes some artistic craving which is not just appropriate for carrying your smartphone but to carry even your MP3 Player, iTouch, iPhone series, Nexus, Micro Max, LG, HTC One, Motorola, Nokia and even Blackberry handsets. Of course, all these four colors of phone holder and purse are certainly a favorable choice for most ladies.

iphone holder purse

  • Any smart phone which is less than 7.4 inches can be stored securely within this pouch.
  • This cell phone holder for purse strap is long enough to put on this purse across your body.
  • The magnetic snap button closure ensures ease of handling.
  • This specific bag is available in four attractive colors such as pink, black, white and golden color.


This cell phone holder purse is made out of high quality durable materials for keeping your smart phone and electric devices protected and safe. With wrist strap, this pouch can fit any phone that is less than 5.5 inches.

mywalit cell phone holder purse/wallet

  • This phone holder purse is extremely slim, compact and light weighted and thereby making it easier for carrying your phone and other basic items.
  • It includes 5 card slot holders to place the credit cards securely in it.
  • Made with synthetic leather, this mywalit cell phone holder purse/wallet is sturdier and looks great and elegant.



So, you would be very clear now knowing that all the phone holder and purse items are aimed towards protecting and preventing your costly cell phone from dust, damages and scratches. All these products are multi functional and made with quality materials. They all come with a strap, which means that you can simply hang it on your shoulder and leave your hands fre

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