Arm Phone Holder make exercise easy and exciting

Cell phone armband is the best and premium source for carrying phones and perfect for other small items. It is a best carrying solution which protects and gives comfort. The armbands design allows freedom of movement. Arm phone holder also offer quality, comfort, protection and durability for the essential and valuable belongings.

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Arm phone holder while strapped to an arm allows listening to music. Cell phone armband helps to keep the phone close in an easily hands-free manner. A variety of smartphone armbands are available. First thing to consider while purchasing phone armband is its compatibility with a specific phone and its features. Armbands for running or jogging comes with different features such as water resistance, availability of pockets, strap size, weight and colors available. Armbands are generally inexpensive, but the higher price of armbands is more durable, comfortable and resistant to water and damage.

Some of the armband cell phone holders are:

  • Trianium arm trek sports exercise armband:

The trianium iPhone 6/6s armband is made of stretch resistance material. The arm cell phone holder case can be bend easily, twisted and are made folded. Its comfort grip will help to stiff the armband at the time of workouts and running. Cutouts for headphones and charger helps to access the smartphone directly through armband.

phone armbandThe armband fits almost with every arm size with the help of its adjustable Velcro. Built-in key pockets help to keep the keys safely during workouts. Trianium armband cell phone running offers maximum protection for iPhone6 and 6s.

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  • Tribe AB66 waterproof Cell Phone Armband:

This type of arm holder for cell phone is compatible with iPhone 6 plus and galaxy s5. The night reflector helps in the additional visibility for early morning and evening runs. The armband is also great while using during high intensity workouts and yoga. The touchscreen of the arm phone holder is fully protected with the help of plastic cover. The armband cell phone holder is lightweight and fits with arm sizes approximately range from 8 to 15.5 inches.

phone arm holder

Eco-friendly materials are used to make this type of armband. It can be safely hand washed and air dried after use. Machine wash is not recommended as it can damage the armband. The armband helps to interact safely with the touch screen and to enjoy listening favorites songs. The armband can be used without a case.

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  • Minisuit sporty armband phone holder:

The arm band is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s. Extender for armband is available separately. The smartphone armband holder is lightweight, soft and is molded to twists. Bending this armband does not scratch out the shape. The armband can be washed with gentle soap and water. After washing the armband then needs to be dried in air.

armband for running

The touch screen works through clear cover. Built-in key slot helps to minimize carrying extra things while jogging, running and doing workouts. The armband is made with adjustable Velcro which helps to fit the smaller arms. Armband extender is available separately for really larger and ripped muscles. Cut-outs acquire all ports, buttons and headphones. The armband has extra safety features.

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  • Stalion sports running and exercise gym arm band for iphone :

The armband can be used during intense workouts and sports activities. Using armband for smartphone while running provides ultimate comfort and grace. The arm band for phone helps to flex, jump, run,jog, lift and many more activities. The armband is lightweight and perfectly compatible for the device and body. The armband is moist resistant and also washable.

armband phone holder

The face cover of the armband is scratch proof which enables navigational control during workouts and activities. The arm band provides a slot for headphone jack. The armband also has rear pockets for safe storage of valuable things. You Can listen to the music with the help of hands free during exercises and other activities. The armband has the feature where the smartphone can easily slip in and out of the rear. Armband is not case friendly.

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Moko sports phone holder for armband:

This type of armband is specially designed for Samsung galaxy s7 edge, note 5, s6 edge. The arm phone holder for running is a combination of style and functions. The armband is lightweight and sticks firmly with the device which helps to keep the device secure and protected.

armband cell phone holder

The armband has a water resistant and scratch-proof function for the better protection of the device. Adjustable Velcro straps also protect the device from slipping. Build-in key and card slots are available. Cutouts help for the easy access of headphone.

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 Advantages of using armband phone holders:

  • Cell phone armbands are used while running, jogging, biking, swimming, surfing, travelling, jogging, camping, horseback riding, scuba diving and while working out at the gym.
  • Fully touch compatibility of the armbands screen helps to answer phone call, manage playlist and also helps to activate stopwatch without removing the device. Some of the armbands are useful for regular flip phones.
  • Many of the cell phone armbands holds clear pouches. The clear pouches of the armband help the device screen clearly visible.
  • The protective screen cover of the armband helps to enjoy all the features of the phone. Protective screen cover of the armband help to enjoy all the features of the phone.
  • The arm cell phone holders provide slots for the keys. The arm bands water resistant design helps to protect the phone from water and sweat.
  • The armband smartphone holder is lightweight and perfectly compatible for the device and body. The arm band securely holds the phone.
  • The multi-position strap of the armband helps to adjust different sizes with durable Velcro straps. An arm band created for I Phone may not necessarily fit blackberry and other devices.


If you want to save money and you are little creative then check out DIY arm bands for exercise. Cell phone armbands generally have different size and shape for a variety of devices. Some of the armbands offer more advance features. It is always the best part to spend more to get a great arm phone holder. Buying a smartphone arm holder is not a complicating task. Cell phone armbands are available in a wide selection of colors and styles.




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