Best Cell Phone Holder for Car – A Must Have Accessory

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A mobile phone mount is a mobile phone holder that helps the user keep his hands free. They can be installed to hold the mobile phones in a car while driving, at home, at workstation etc. The choice of a cell phone holder largely depends on how the user intends to use it. For example, someone using GPS for driving would buy a car phone mount whereas a user intending to comfortably watch a movie on their phone would need to buy a phone holder for home. There are different types of car phone holders like Dashboard mount, Windshield mount, Vent mount and Cigarette Lighter Mount to pick from.

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This is one of the latest and modern car AC vent phone holder that serve as the best way to place your Smartphone device. The main aim of this product is to ensure the phone’s security and hands-free access to the device. It helps you avoid placing your device in any storage compartments or other space that may not be the safest for your mobile phone.

car mount phone holder

The modern technology based on the power of magnetic fields is used in this car mount to secure your device. It is made of 4 inbuilt high-end magnets to protect your device from falling off and against scratches that may happen. It is one of the effective ways to keep your device safe while you are driving and easy to access your device without any discomfort of distraction. When you keep your Smart device in the phone holder, you can easily maneuver in your desired angle 360 degrees by easy twisting through the smooth surface.

cell phone car mount

You have full access to twist, left and right, keep it in portrait or landscape orientation that help you meet your requirements. The mobile holder for car is perfectly apt for your electronic gadgets and comes with ease of installation in windshield or air vent. The magnet is sturdy by the rubber base to hold your phone without scratches.


This is also an apt car phone mount to be used in different types of modern autos to hold electronic gadgets safely. This is mainly designed for cell phones and other large smart devices to be held safe on car’s AC vent. This car mount provides the user ease to access their device through the easy installation on the air vent space.

car holder

This modern car mount comes with a fine rubber grip that holds the phone safe and helps avoid damages to the phone. It is compatible for the Smartphone sizes up to 5.5 inches such as Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry, iPhone, and other windows phones. It is easy to rotate by the user at any desired angle through 360 degrees and provides the perfect viewing angle.

phone car mount

 The user can access their device with hands-free and keep it safe even while disturbances like hard braking etc. You have to just mount the cell phone car mount to achieve the safety and avoid scratches on your mobile.


WizGear Air Vent Car Mount for smartphones saves you from the hassle of placing your smartphone securely to ensure that it doesn’t fall and damage your device. All you need to do is, push it in the air vent.

This magnetic car mount for cellphones is not bulky or space consuming. Don’t bother yourself anymore by placing your phone in the cup-holder or dashboard. This magnetic car mount can be easily inserted into the air vent leading to no more blockage of your windshield.

It is adjustable, so navigation becomes extremely easy. The reinforced magnetic holder of this car mount is what sets it apart from other cellphone holders for car and make it the best car mount to be bought.


This is a magnetic cell phone mount. The kit comes with magnetic air vent mount, a metal plate and a metal sticker to use. You can stick the round sticker to the back of your phone or your phone case which will lead to magnetically attachment of your phone to the car mount.

You can easily rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as the base of the car mount remains fixed into the air vent of your car and doesn’t move.

It’s simply the best car mount available out there. It comes with lifetime guarantee. This means you have got nothing to lose but everything to gain. It’s the perfect and most affordable gift for your loved ones.

This phone holder for car is compatible with all phones.



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If you need to ensure the safety of your device while driving the vehicle, you have to buy this Zilu cell phone car holder. This car mount includes plenty of features to keep the device secure and enable ease of access by the user. The user can easily mount this product on multiple location options. The available options to mount the phone car mount such as car dashboard, windshield, and other surfaces.

cell phone car holder

It is perfectly intended by the sturdy plastic and fine rubber grip to avoid the phone from falling and getting scratches. The car mount is durable and a combination of both sturdy plastic material and rubber meet the user requirements. It is lightweight and easy to install and convenient to use. The user can mount in all models of autos and easily rotate the car holder through full 360 degree angle.

smartphone car mount

The adjustment knobs help the user to twist the holder in horizontal and vertical directions. It comes with shock resistance and other shaking resistance. It is compatible with Smartphones such as iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 6; HTC One M7, M8; Desire 820; Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 and NOTE 3 and NOTE 4.


This is a lightweight and compact cell phone holder for cars that can be easily mounted by the user. Buying this product will also help you get rid of worries regarding your Smartphone device’s security.

phone holder car

The car mobile phone holder is mainly designed to provide the complete security and prevent the device from falling. The user need not worry about having it mounted as it can be mounted on multiple locations. The phone holder for car is perfectly fit for your high-end Smartphone device and other electronic devices.

mobile holder for car

The compatible models of Smartphones are Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, iPhone, HTC, LG, and so on. The phone holder can be rotated up to 360 degrees to get the perfect viewing angle. It is hands-free, convenient and comfortable to rotate the holder to your desired angle. It is compact in size and doesn’t cover the road sight while you’re driving. The sturdy plastic material and spongy rubber grip secure your phone from any damages and scratches.


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Enhance universal Easy One Touch car mount system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger. The sticky gel pad sticks to most surfaces ensuring security and safety of both, the surface and the gadget. It also includes a dashboard pad to attach to different surfaces.

Smartphones up to an impressive 3.5 inches will fit safely into this car mount. No matter what device, skin or case you are using, it will latch securely so you can drive with safety and confidence.


Ipow 360 degree Universal CD-Slot Smartphone Mount is ergonomically designed to install easily and quickly and is a great tool that works with most smartphones. It fits into the CD slot of your car without any tools or mechanism. The car mount has a fully rotatable holster hat twists and turns, so you can easily view your device vertically or horizontally.

This cellphone holder for car is sturdy and solid grabbing for heavy duty users. It is very light in weight and can also, hold thin GPS devices and smartphones with thicker cases.


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Gomeir Multifunctional Car Mount can be mounted on different locations and surfaces, such as car air vents, bicycle handle bars, office desks, shelves and many more edge defined surfaces. It is a combination of premium quality rubber reinforced with extra strong durable plastic leading to a sturdy design. Also, this combination gives this mount the much needed strength to resist road vibration, minor impacts and many more.

It provides 360 degree rotation. So, feel free to adjust your phone position the way you like. It is an easy on and off mount with high quality rubber gripping design which maximizes friction to reduce slippage and minimizes road uncertainties.

This product is compatible with all smartphone models.




Know about different position in the car for mounting phone

  • Car Phone holder use as Dashboard Mount:

A dashboard mount has two parts – one is the mounting disc usually with a surface of material bearing close resemblance with glass while the other is the bottom part that gets placed on the dashboard. The latter part is the one that holds the phone. There are few variations of the dashboard Phone holder design available in the market. There are dashboard mounts with articulating arms that enable the user to adjust the phone’s angle for best viewing and usage. Also, there are designs that consist of only the phone holder that can be directly placed on the dashboard.

  • Car mount use as  Windshield Mount:

A windshield mount is made of a lever with vacuum that attaches to the windshield glass. There is a flexible gooseneck which can be held at various angles to match the user’s comfort while using it.  The dashboard mounts that come with suction cups can also be used as the holders to be installed on the windshield.

  • Vent Mount a good place to hold Smart Phone:

A vent mount is placed onto the vents of air conditioning in the car. The design includes a ball-like structure that aids the turning of the phone into the best-suited direction. Also, the cell phone can be used in both portrait and landscape mode as per comfort of the user while driving the car  with Vent Mount phone holder.

  • Cigarette Lighter Mount use as Car Phone Holder Charger:

A cigarette lighter mount is placed into the lighter port of the car. It is designed with a flexible goose-like neck that enables bending it in the desired direction. It is a great option for installing in cars that have very small vents or for those who dislike an obstructed windshield.

  • How to choose best car phone holders:-

If you’re the individual needs to choose the best and apt mobile phone car holder, you have to make sure many things. There are plenty of phone holder car accessible in the marketplace as well as the online shopping site. If you, the confused individual has to choose the best one in the plenty of choices, you have to make a comparison on your selected items that fit your budget. You can also gather information from your friends or your relatives who are already using one. Or you can enter the online site to pick the best, modern and affordable one. The online site has numerous collections of car holder to the individual who are searching for the right one to meet their needs.

First, you have to make sure the product is apt for your car model and also your Smartphone device. You can see the features mentioned on the online portal and you can easily compare the selected products. The features and specifications of the product are more significant to meet your requirements without a doubt after your purchase. If you are already an experienced individual in purchasing the product through an online portal; it is easy for you to pick the best car phone holder to secure your device. Most of the individuals fail to make a comparison with other products so you have to conduct the comparison well. The car phone holder  is the best way to secure your device from damage, and other scratches that may happen through the shaking of your vehicle.

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  • Things to consider before buying car phone holders:-

Given the wide range of phone mounts discussed above, it is no cake walk to decide which one to pick. Like any other accessory, it is not the case of one size fits all. Therefore, in order to find the best one for yourself, you will have to identify which ones do not match your needs. An easy way to do it is to identify their positions of placement. If you are a smoker, you will not want it placed on your cigarette lighter port. Similarly, if you are a highway driver, you may probably want your windshield obstruction-free while a city driver may be totally comfortable with the mount on his windshield. Thus, you will have to figure out which ones you do not want to identify the one you want – that is your best pick!  Although there is a price factor attached to making a purchase but it is of paramount importance to consider your personal comfort while using these.

The car mobile holder is more significant to the individual who needs to secure their Smartphone device and other electronic gadgets. If you are looking for CD slot mount then check our another post. If you choose any product you have to check the enclosing features and quality. Most of the products fail to provide the security through falling from the windshield, vent or console. Some mounts will work for a certain period because their accessory device covers and others will be durable. The vent attachments are fit for those individuals who need to keep their device comfortable for clear viewing. But, some car vent phone holder is not fit through vent attachment so, bear in your mind while you consider buying this vent mount. You have to make sure the size of the mount that fits in your device size. So, ensure that the phone mount is not smaller than your device size and is easy to remove.

car mount holder

Most of the car cell phone mount aren’t easy to remove because of one-time time installation. So, you have to keep this point in your mind to take a look at the product features. You have to consider the mount adjustment; this is more essential while you purchase a car phone holder. Now, the entire modern car mount comes with the option of 360 degrees rotating feature to the individual to turn in their desired angle easily.

If you enjoy lying on the bed and want a flexible phone holder which can help you turn phone. Check now our best pick for the flexible phone holder for you! 


So, make sure while you purchase the car mount whether it is apt to turn in all angles such as left and right; horizontal and vertical direction. Ensure the innovative feature in car phone holder that is easy to attach and remove from the mount. Then, finally, make sure the main thing is protection. If you go to purchase, check the car mobile phone holder provides the complete safety to your device.

car cell phone mount

  • Here is the Comparision chart of our top 10 best car phone holder for 2016

Product image Car Phone Holder Price Rating
  Havit  Magnetic Car Mount $$ *****
 phone car mount Aikema Car phone holder for Air Vent $$  *****
 car mobile holder Air vent magnetic car mount $$  ****
 cell phone car holder Zilu Car Phone Mount $$ ****
 phone holder car Suriora Cell Phone Holder for Car $$  ****
 windshield mount TaoTronics Windshield Mount Holder $$  ****
 windshield holder  Ipow Universal Long Arm Phone Windshield Mount $$  *****
 windshield car holder Kensington Cell Phone Windshield Mount $$ ****
 windshield mounts URPOWER Windshield Mount $$  *****
 windscreen suction mount Omaker 3-in-1 Windshield Car Holder $$  *****

The phone holder for car is a handy product to provide the reliable security and free their worries to place their expensive electronic devices. Now, the world completely connects the modern and innovative technology to meet the individual requirements. But, you have to make sure you purchase the right product to secure the device while you intend to drive. Make your decision to buy the modern based features to acquire the protection and engage you in the innovative world. Pick the car mount at an affordable price through purchasing from the reliable online portal. Get further offers from the site to save more money and your effort. You can also try spider phone holder for car.

Go ahead and pick the best car phone holder that meets your requirements and suits your budget.